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Patient Testimonials

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you will encounter someone who truly is a blessing to you and your family. I can honestly say that about Guntersville’s Grove Grotto & Spa staff. Earlier this year, I made several phone calls about scar and scar revision and was referred to these wonderful people. My son, Brett, has facial and neck scars that I was interested in getting treated in some capacity. They looked at pictures to determine if he was a candidate for a laser treatment and offered to treat him at no charge. This was astonishing to me that people could be so kind and willing to help a perfect stranger. After only two treatments, Brett can move his lips and chin much more than he could prior. He can close his mouth with less difficulty, and the scars are visually much better. Please visit these wonderful people if you have questions about scars, lasers, or other treatments they offer. They are truly a blessing.
– M.B.

Wow! The entire staff was amazing. Very professional and wonderfully sweet ladies. I stopped by to have a skin analysis done and I was very impressed. Everyone was extremely helpful and eager to accommodate. . Marshall County needed The Grove Grotto & Spa. I can’t wait to return and try their menu of services.

Dry Creek Wellness Pet Tincture! My cat has now had only I seizure in 12 days verses 3 a day. Thank you for an amazing product. Before all she did was lay around miserable. Now she’s up and moving more. Thank y’all!!!

– H

Incredible services, a beautiful location, and a very calming gorgeous place. Outstanding team. I highly recommend seeing Amanda Floyd for any and all tattoo removal, any and all facials, etc. Not only is she incredibly kind, patient, and excellent at her job – but she makes sure to listen to you (so important) and always has the biggest smile. I couldn’t recommend The Grove Grotto and Spa more! Go check it out… one of the best places near the Rocket City area. Be sure to ask for Amanda Floyd! She’s awesome!


This place is beautiful. They really took their time making a relaxing environment with gorgeous decor and ambiance. I took my 10-month-old to get her ears pierced and the staff was fantastic. The front desk staff greeted me promptly and took us into their waiting lounge. Two staff did the piercing at the same time and they were amazing trying to distract my baby while also entertaining my 4-year-old. The piercings turned out fabulous and I’m very pleased to have chosen this place. I did not want to take her to Claire’s/Wal-Mart or anywhere else for that matter that uses a gun for piercings. I’m pleased with finding a very clean and nice atmosphere that uses hollow needles for the best result.

– R.T.

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