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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our medical professionals at The Grove Grotto & Spa in Albertville have extensive training and expertise in a wide variety of medical and cosmetic procedures, and they are dedicated to assisting our patients in achieving their desired results. To guarantee that every one of our patients receives the very finest care available on the market, our specialists have almost 30 years of combined expertise in the field, during which time they have received continuous training in the most modern and cutting-edge therapies. 

At our medical spa in Albertville, our team of doctors and cosmetic experts are committed to providing our patients with the treatments that are both the safest and most effective. However, we all have one goal in mind, and that is to work with our patients to achieve the results that they envision for themselves. Learn more about our team and their experience below and get started on your treatment by giving us a call or filling out a contact form with your information! 

Amber Stricklin

CEO/Owner, LCSW, Sexologist, Laser Technician,
Aesthetician, & Makeup Artist

Amber lives in Guntersville with her two children, Brady & Mia. She has been a practicing therapist for over 10 years and is the lead educator for the Sexual Wellness Program at The Grove Grotto & Spa. Also a certified sexologist, Amber completed educational training with Dr. Charles Runels, Creator of the O Shot and P Shot for sexual wellness. Amber also completed aesthetic laser training and certification at The National Aesthetic Laser Institute in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a love for all things beauty and anti-aging, Amber is constantly seeking advanced learning opportunities. She has trained with some of the industries top beauty professionals, such as Los Angeles based Celebrity Makeup Artist Kimberley Bosso and Celebrity Spray Tan Artist Isabel Alysa of Dolce Glow.

Dr. Sanjay Malhotra

Medical Director & Lead Injector

Dr. Malhotra has been a practicing physician for over 30 years. He completed his laser training at The National Aesthetic Laser Institute in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He also has extensive injectable experience and has trained with top injectors from Alabama to California. Dr. Malhotra also completed training for both injectables and sexual wellness with Dr. Charles Runels, Creator of The Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift, Vampire Breastlift, Vampire Hair Restoration, O Shot and P Shot.

Ivy McCormick

Chief Operation's Officer

Ivy has been in the medical field for over 30 years She got her start as a Public Health Educator with The Alabama Department of Public Health. After 10 years, Ivy then transitioned to the role of Drug Representative for Merck Pharmaceuticals where she spent 15 years and earned the titles of Executive Vaccine Specialist, Most Valuable Peer and Southeast Region Trainer. Ivy then transitioned to the mental health field as Marketing Director and Educator for Integrated Behavioral Health. In addition to her professional achievements, Ivy has been a lifelong runner and wellness enthusiast. In addition to being a Yoga Instructor, Ivy is also our Lead Sound Therapist. She conducts monthly group sound baths as well as 1:1 sessions.

Rachel Prickett


Rachel lives in Albertville with her goldendoodle Archie. Rachel is a surgical tech, makeup and hair artist, and is now a receptionist. Rachel has always had a passion for taking care of people and greeting them with a smiling face. Rachel says “I have always loved all things skin care and I am so happy to be working in a place that helps people achieve their desired skin and appearances. I love seeing the smiles on our clients faces as they walk through our door and as they leave after their treatments!”

Jessica Covington

Director of Operations

Jessica lives in Albertville with her husband Dj and their 3 beautiful kids. She has worked as a CNA and in Mental Health for several years. She loves helping those who need it most and are no longer able to take care of themselves. As well as for people dealing with their day to day lives and feeling like all hope is lost! It’s an amazing feeling to see someones whole life change before your eyes and knowing you had some small part in that! I now work at The Grove Grotto & Spa and I love it!! It’s a change in what I’ve previously done, but I’m still doing what I love which is helping our clients feel good about themselves. Everyone has flaws they don’t like about themselves and I’m pleased to say I work in a place where we can help our clients feel good about who they are and how they feel in their own skin! It’s something I truly enjoy.

Katie Smith

Office Manager

Katie lives in Guntersville with her husband and daughter. Being a nurse, Katie has always loved helping others. She is passionate about acne as it has affected her most of her life. Katie enjoys educating people on skin care and different modalities to help improve their skin. Katie is also a certified laser technician and assists in the training of all new hires. With a 6 – 8 week orientation process, Katie keeps busy with fine tuning each staff member’s educational journey to ensure the best quality service possible.

Brigitte Whaley

Aesthetician, Oncology Trained,
Permanent Makeup Artist

Brigitte lives in Cullman with her husband Kevin and her two daughters. As a licensed aesthetician she loves to make people feel good about themselves and their skin. She likes to educate clients about skincare and treatments to help them reveal their healthiest skin. Brigitte is Oncology Trained to be able to meet the needs of those both going through and recovering from cancer. She is also certified in 3D Areola Repigmentation for those who have undergone a masectomy as well as those in need of repigmentation. Brigitte loves the spa environment and truly enjoys what she does.

Amanda Floyd

Aesthetic RN

Amanda lives in Arab with her husband and two children. Amanda is a Registered Nurse with a background in mental health. Amanda says “I was hesitant on leaving a field that I loved (mental health), but now I get to enjoy the best of both worlds. As odd as it may seem, our services here at the spa allow our client’s to leave feeling better about themselves or maybe just get the relaxation that they desperately need. Whatever it may be, I love being a small part in boosting someone’s confidence and hopefully increase their overall well-being.” Since starting her aesthetic journey, Amanda has been certified in lasers, and permanent makeup, with a focus on oncology services. Many people will also recognize Amanda as the Lead Nurse in the Injection Room.

Jana Coffey

Laser Technician, Lash Technician,
Permanent Makeup Artist

Jana lives in Boaz AL with her husband Anthony and her 2 dogs Toby & Tyson. Jana is a phlebotomist and a certified medical assistant, as well as a Permanent Makeup Artist & Lash/Laser Technician. Jana loves being able to make people feel so proud of themselves and beautiful in their own skin. Jana says “this has always been my dream to be able to work at a place like this and make people feel good about themselves. This is why love what I do!”

Kylie Plunkett


Kylie lives in Geraldine with her husband and 7 month old daughter. Kylie says, “As a mom who stays home with her baby most of the time, I love having the opportunity to get to know the people who come to us and making sure their experience with us is worthwhile. I’ve always been passionate about skincare and I’ve learned so much working with the wonderful ladies at our spa.”

Jessica Gamberi

CRNP, Director of Medical Cannavinoid Therapeutics

My name is Jessica Gamberi. I am a nurse practitioner and I also have my masters in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics. I am the Director of Medical Cannabinoid Therapeutics at The Grove Grotto and Spa. I also am certified in Lasers and Permanent Makeup. My husband, Blake, and I own Dry Creek Wellness and we sell those products at The Grove. I have been a nurse since 2014. I love working at the Grove because I enjoy helping people feel better holistically. I can help people with their aesthetic concerns as well as educating and providing CBD products to help with various illnesses and symptoms. My husband and I enjoy traveling and learning new things together!”

Karen Bailey

House Keeping

Karen lives in Albertville with her Husband Dale. Karen is a semi retired nurse of 42 years and now works as a housekeeper at the spa and as a nurse at an assisted living facility prn.She loves people and helping them heal. She wanted to stay in nursing but yet do something a little different as well. She Loves both of her jobs!!

Kailey Knapp

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kailey is a native of Portland Oregon. She moved here from San Diego, California with her boyfriend and two dogs in August 2022. They are loving it in Alabama. Massage is how she puts in to practice her love of learning about the human body. She enjoys helping people recognize muscular imbalances and reduce their chronic pain.

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