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AGNES RF Microneedling

One of the most beneficial treatments for common skin issues, acne, reversing the effects of aging, and encouraging the production of natural collagen in the skin is the AGNES RF Microneedling treatment at The Grove Grotto & Spa. You can expect revitalized skin in as little as a 30-minute treatment.

What Is AGNES RF Microneedling?

AGNES RF Microneedling was first created as a long-term treatment for extremely severe acne, but it has now been discovered to be very successful as a face, jaw, and eye region rejuvenator and the best non-surgical face and neck contourer.

The treatment combines radiofrequency and precise microneedling to activate fibroblasts, which in turn develops natural collagen in the skin and provides results akin to a face- or eye-lift with little to no downtime.

What Can AGNES RF Microneedling Treat?

AGNES RF Microneedling is often used to treat under-eye bags, sagging skin, and creases around the eyes. It can also target periorbital wrinkles—those around the eyes that seem puffy and are difficult to address with injectable solutions.

This treatment can also remove fat from the neck, jawline, and jowls, and tighten skin. It can be used to treat body and facial concerns such as skin texture, loose skin, creases and scarring.

Benefits Of AGNES RF Microneedling

  • It can be used on all skin types
  • treats acne
  • It can tighten the skin while simultaneously removing fat
  • The treatment sessions are very short
  • The technology is precise, safe, and predictable
  • It provides incredible anti-aging benefits
  • The results are long-lasting
  • The microneedles are insulated to further safeguard the tissue in the area

Aftercare & Recovery After AGNES RF Microneedling

Many people may resume their normal activities right after their treatment. Any soreness or sensitivity to the treated region may be eased with ice.

If you are receiving treatment for under eye bags or deeper lines and wrinkles, you could experience some redness, bruising, or swelling for one to three days. With these more intense procedures, you could sometimes feel sensitive and numb for up to four weeks which is completely normal and will go away on its own.

That said, lighter treatments will have far fewer side effects, and the majority of them may be covered up a few days following treatment with makeup or tinted moisturizer.

Our experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the aftercare and what to expect in order for you to be as prepared as possible.

When Can You See Results After Your Treatment?

Results are normally only visible two to three weeks after your treatment, usually once all of the symptoms have disappeared. Your firmer, smoother skin will become visible over the next months as a result of skin structure remodeling and new collagen synthesis.

What To Expect During Your AGNES RF Microneedling Treatment?

AGNES RF treatments take no more than twenty minutes to complete. For your specific objectives, your expert will adjust the handset’s microneedle and energy settings to your skin type to ensure that we can properly target your concerns. This treatment is great for patients looking for a short but effective treatment that provides exceptional results.

How Many AGNES RF Microneedling Sessions Are Needed For The Best Results?

Each patient will have different results from their treatment which means that the amount of sessions will depend on the specific patient. That said, these plans for treatment differ based on the patient, the size of the area to be treated, and the desired outcomes. Three to six months following the first session, it is advised that two to three subsequent treatment sessions be scheduled to prolong or improve the results.

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Learn More about Our AGNES RF Microneedling Treatments In Albertville

If you’re ready to learn more about our AGNES RF Microneedling treatments in Albertville please give our experts a call and we would be happy to design a treatment plan according to your specific needs.

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