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Our Kybella treatments in Albertville can help you if you have a double chin that defies diet and exercise. For a better sculpted jawline, we may quickly target the fat deposits under your chin and completely as well as permanently eliminate them.

What Is Kybella?

Both men and women may suffer from the pesky double chin, which is a prevalent issue among patients. The buildup of fat beneath the chin may make someone seem older and give the illusion of being overweight. A double chin may be annoying and have a negative effect on one’s self-esteem. Exercise and dieting alone can’t always solve this problem.In the past, costly surgical treatments like liposuction were used to remove that bothersome double chin.

Thankfully, Kybella is a recently discovered solution for the treatment of the double chin that is non-invasive and extremely quick. The Food and Drug Administration has authorized the Allergan medication Kybella for the treatment of submental fullness, or fat beneath the chin. With this minimally invasive process, fat in this area may now be reduced or removed. Treatments with Kybella have a high success rate and little negative effects for our patients in Albertville.

How Does Kybella Work?

In essence, Kybella adheres to the natural processes that our bodies use to dissolve fat. The extra adipose tissue in the body is destroyed by a chemical the body makes called deoxycholic acid. Adipose tissue, or fat cells, are especially targeted by deoxycholic acid in their cell membranes. It breaks open the fat cells by penetrating them. The way Kybella works is similar. By causing fat cells to break, deoxycholic acid included in Kybella injections helps to reduce the amount of fat that has built up in the submental region.

Who Is A Candidate For Kybella Injections?

For people who are unhappy with fatty deposits beneath the chin that produce the appearance of a double chin, Kybella treatments are advised. Many people’s double chins give them the appearance of being overweight and distort their facial features. For people who want to get rid of this fat pocket without undergoing surgery, there is Kybella.

All skin types and tones may benefit from Kybella. You may have a younger-looking, more youthful, and sculpted chin and neck with the help of Kybella injections.

What Results Can I Expect From Kybella Treatments?

Patients who have Kybella therapy may see a tighter, elevated, and more youthful neck and chin area. Within three to six months, the greatest and most observable outcomes become apparent.

How Long Do Kybella Results Last For?

Kybella destroys fat cells permanently when injected into submental fat. These cells cannot store or acquire fat after they have been destroyed. If there is a lot of stored fat tissue, more than one therapy session can be necessary.

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