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Lip Augmentation

Our lip augmentation services at The Grove Grotto & Spa will help you get the fuller, more defined lips you want. Patients may have gorgeous lips in as little as a quick 30-minute treatment, with results that are visible right away.

What Is A Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentations are used to increase the sensuality of your lips, improve the aesthetic harmony between them, and restore lost volume.

The facial symmetry necessary to produce a natural-looking result, the appropriate amount of volume to add to each lip, the ideal ratio of the upper to lower lip based on age, gender, and ethnic background, are just a few of the factors that our experts have developed to ensure an ideal result. Our lip augmentations services make use of the gold-standard dermal fillers on the market.

Why Do People Choose Lip Augmentation?

A lot of our patients opt for a lip augmentation because they would like to:

  • Make thin lips seem larger,
  • Plump their lips,
  • Reduce the look of vertical lines on the lips,
  • Enhance the look of their lips,
  • Make their lips more in line and symmetrical with their face,
  • Make their lips appear younger,
  • Improve the look of their smile,
  • Boost their confidence and self-image.

What To Expect During Your Lip Augmentation Treatment

Before your lip augmentation begins, our experts will talk to you about your goals and expectations from your service. Your lips will be numbed, the treatment region will be cleaned and the injections will start. In order to promote a better shape and to transport the filler into the lip’s body properly, we will always massage the lips after injections. This makes the lips smooth and helps avoid lumps. The procedure for lip augmentation is fairly similar to the one used for other areas of your face when using dermal fillers.

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What Does A Lip Augmentation Feel Like?

The procedure is mostly painless for patients. Following treatment, there can be some short-term discomfort or swelling. Prior to your treatment, a topical numbing lotion may be given in the office to aid with pain control.

When Can I Expect To See Results?

Results from your treatment may be seen right away once the swelling has gone down and typically endure for five to seven months.

How Long Will My Lip Augmentation Last?

Each patient’s results will last for various times. Your metabolic rate, the kind of filler used, and other variables all affect how long a filler will last. Lip fillers may last anywhere from five months to seven, and in rare circumstances, the effects might continue for twelve months.

In order to treat lips, we employ fillers made of hyaluronic acid. We also have the option of using fillers with a greater HA content or softer fillers with lower concentration. Because HA is naturally absorbed by the body, a thicker filler with a greater HA content will last longer. Low-HA fillings that are thinner will dissolve more rapidly– for that reason, each patient will have different results.

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Find Out More About Our Lip Augmentation Options In Albertville

Want to enhance the look and volume of your lips? Book a consultation with one of our lip augmentation experts and we would be happy to meet with you to make your dream results come to life!

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